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Supporting social projects is, above all, a way to promote a better future for our country. When we come across different realities from ours, we realize that the world is way different from that one we wonder. We broaden our perception and wisdom of it when we experience the reality putting ourselves in others’ position.This makes us able to have more empathy and a more understanding and loving way to deal with differences.

Helping others brings well-being to both, helper and assisted.
When it comes to companies, it's not different! When a company joins a cause, it should use its networking to share its values  and that is what we do. Most companies play an important role in their own area, but our desire in supportting this cause began with  the board of directors’ passion for animals.

DASCO, Advisory in Foreign Trade is headed by the CEO Denilson Verona, who has always respected and treated any race and species with dignity .The willing to help so that  animals, victims of abuse and neglect live in a better world, has become volunteering work by DASCO, its supporters along with the NGO, Amigos São Francisco.

The NGO, Amigos São Francisco is located in Ibiúna and  shelters more than 100 animals. The mission of the non-profit institution is to encourage respect, help control population, condemn any kind of abuse and mistreatment and seek partners to assist animals until they are adopted.

If you share this passion, be a FRIENDLY ANIMAL COMPANY along with Dasco and Amigos São Francisco.

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