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ANVISA- National Health Surveillance Agency

Logo Anvisa Established by Law Nr. 9.782, on January 26th., 1999, the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) is an autarchy under special regimen, namely, a regulating agency characterized by administrative independence, stability of its directors during the term of office, and financial autonomy. The Agency has as working area, all sectors related to products and services that may affect the health of Brazilian population. Its competence covers sanitary regulation as well as economic regulation of the market. Besides the regulatory attribution, it is also responsible for the coordination of the National Health Surveillance system (SNVS), in manner integrated with other public agencies directly or indirectly related to health. In the federal public Administration frame, ANVISA is connected to the Ministry of Health, and is a part of the Public Health System (SUS), absorbing its principles and directives. Get your Import License for your products subject to Sanitary Control with DASCO, specialized customs broker. Contact Us. Read our special article on ANVISA and Import, CLICK HERE

INMETRO – National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology

Logo InmetroThe National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology – INMETRO – is a federal autarchy connected to the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, that acts as an Executive Department of the National Council of Metrology, Normalization and Industrial Quality (CONMETRO), an interministerial collegiate entity, the normative agency of the National System of Metrology, Normalization and Industrial Quality (SINMETRO). In order to be a part of the articulated systemic frame, SINMETRO, CONMETRO and INMETRO were established by Law 5.966, of December 11th, 1973, with the last one substituting the former National Institute of Weights and Measures (INPM) and expanding its range of service for the Brazilian society. Within its wide institutional mission, INMETRO has as objective to strengthen the national companies, increasing their productivity by the adoption of mechanisms to improve the quality of product and services. Bet the Import License for your products subject to the INMETRO with DASCO, specialized customs broker. Contact Us.


CA (Certificate of Approval) for the IPE (Individual Protection Equipment). All national or importer IPE, before being commercialized, shall receive the respective C.A. (Certificate of Approval). The C.A. is the assurance issued by the Ministry of labor that the IPE is considered as of good quality and qualified for its use. Before being sold, any IPE is submitted to several tests to assure the durability, comfort, protection provided by the equipment, and if approved it receives, after the tests, the respective CA and authorization to be sold. Get the Certificate of Approval for your products subject to the Ministry of Labor with DASCO, specialized customs broker. Contact Us.


Logo Governo Federal The Ministry of Agriculture, Supply and Livestock (MAPA) is responsible for the administration of public policies for the incentive to agriculture and livestock, for the incentive of agribusiness and for the regulation and standardization of services connected to the sector. In Brazil, the agribusiness contemplates the small, medium and large size rural producer and gathers the activities of supply of goods and services to agriculture, agriculture and cattle raising production, processing, transformation and distribution of agricultural end livestock products, up to the final consumer. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture tries to integrate, under its administration, the marketing, technological, scientific, environmental and organizational aspects of the production sector and also of the sectors related to supply, storage and transportation of crops, plus the economic and financial policy management for agribusiness. For the integration of sustainable development and competitiveness, MAPA has as target the assurance of feeding safely the Brazilian population and the production of surplus for the export, strengthening the national production sector and favoring the insertion of Brazil in the international market. Get the Import and Export License for your products subject to the Ministry of Agriculture with DASCO, specialized customs broker. Contact Us.


Ex-tariff is a benefit granted by the federal government to the importers who have as project the import of capital goods, that have no national similar, therefore receiving the benefits of Import Tax reduction in more than 80% of the original aliquote value.