DASCO Assessoria em Comércio Exterior has expertise in Import Customs Clearing, acting during the whole process:

  1. Purchase Order Administration;
  2. Coordination of shipping goods abroad, following the transit and organization for the delivery at the final destination;
  3. Pricing, cargo booking, cargo consolidation, adaptations of routes and transporting vehicles and contracting of international freight;
  4. Checking and receiving of Import Licenses, before shipping;
  5. Customs clearing, handling cargo to EADI’s (Dry Ports), coordination of fees payment and physical cargo checking;
  6. Clearing of customs warehouse.
  7. Advising on closing exchange transaction.
  8. Advising and preparation of all Import Documentation, with the delivery of financial statement for each operation, identifying, in details, the expenses connected to the payment.

To request price quoting for air customs clearing services, click here. To request price quoting for maritime customs clearing services, click here.


DASCO Assessoria em Comércio Exterior renders air, maritime and road Export Customs Clearing Services, performing the following services:

  • Analysis of Letters of Credit;
  • Elaboration of export documents (pro-forma invoice, commercial invoice and packing list);
  • Issue of Certificate of Origin;
  • Issue of Form A;
  • Follow-up from the origin to the final destination of the goods;
  • Issue of Export Registration form or “DSE” (Simplified Export Declaration);
  • DDE/SD (Export Shipping Declaration/Request for Shipping);
  • Application for Clearing of goods;
  • Attendance in the inspection;
  • Negotiation of air, maritime and road International Freights;
  • Negotiations of national freights;
  • Customs Clearance at the destination place and delivery to the importer.


International Freight

In the area of international freight, we have a sell structured partnership always ready to offer comfort, facility and security to the clients, with competitive market prices, with a differentiated work, covering air, maritime and road transport. We offer total conditions to render the services in any phase of the client’s logistic process, covering air and maritime transport from anywhere of the world, and there is no unknown place or not sailed sea. Presently, our partner has representatives all over the world, allowing the work on any route, always with the lowest cost possible, due to the high volume of cargo movement, offering sundry services with the most important factor being the compliance of the agreed upon and established times, in order to assure credibility and reliability in the rendered services, offering to the clients the webtracking system, a technological resource that allows the visualization of real time position of the cargo, reducing costs, time and improving agility of details.

Road Transport

DASCO offers, through its consolidated partners, road transport, to cover the DTA (Customs Transit Declaration) cases as well as the delivery of the goods taken from ports, airports, dry ports and delivered at the address mentioned by the client. With expert and dedicated professionals, we may offer quality services, agility and safety, with optimized costs, duly adapted to the needs of our clients, with exclusive and customized services.