DASCO Assessoria em Comércio Exterior is a Brazilian company that renders Customs Broker Services, with great know-how of the import and export market for goods and properties. Its performance is customized, for it is always trying to be acquainted with its clients’ businesses in order to improve continuously the quality of its Services and to offer strategies that may anticipate actions and offer solutions. With its head office located in São Paulo, in the Santana district, it serves clients all over Brazil and Latin America, of different segments and sizes.


DASCO Assessoria em Comércio Exterior has as its Mission to bring real economy for the international dealings of its clients, through logistic and operational solutions that assure profitable and efficient performances. Attending the clients’ needs, but always innovating and exceeding the expectations, either by the politeness or agility of its collaborators and/or due to the Excellency of its Services as Customs Broker. The laws and regulations that govern International trade are regularly analyzed, and our professionals are updated to provide to our clients safe and precise information, assuring them tranquility for the perfect development of their import and export processes.

Know more on DASCO Assessoria em Comércio Exterior, contacting us through our e-mail:, and the phone +55 11 2144-0900, or CLICK HERE.


DASCO Assessoria em Comércio Exterior works in several sectors with different products and services, such as:

    • Vehicles and auto parts.
    • Heavy machines and cranes
    • Electronic components
    • Fabrics and clothes
    • Jewelry boxes
    • Haberdashery products
    • Informatics and electronic equipment
    • Metallurgical products
    • Electronic panels
    • The whole line of “CFTV” (Closed Circuit Television) and safety products
    • Wines and distilled beverages
    • Food products in general
    • Inks and printers
    • Handbags and costume jewelry
    • Plates of solar energy
    • Marble and granite
    • Jewelry and semi-precious gemstones
    • Spas and hydro massage
    • Packaging materials
    • Welding masks, grinding disks
    • Products for pet shops
    • Shoes